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The Surprise

He’d positioned the gift it so that it would be hidden all through Christmas.  Then on the twelfth night, once the decorations had been removed and they were carefully packing the tinsel and baubles up ready for next year, she’d find it nestling securely between the inner branches of the tree and she’d be so … Continue reading

Softening the Blow

Betty wishes she’d brought her cardigan with her now.  The morning looked fine and sunny from her bedroom window but this far out there aren’t as many trees to shield the chill of the wind and  goosebumps are starting to prick her skin. But it doesn’t matter how shivery she might be feeling because she’s been … Continue reading


Judith remembers the fan of spider legs which creased from the corners of her father’s eyes when he smiled.  She remembers the musky tang of spice which bloomed like a warm breath from the collar of his shirts whenever he leant in close to her.  And more than these things she remembers how safe he … Continue reading

‘The End’

I typed these words on my screen the other day. After being shortlisted in the Greenhouse Funny Prize, 2015 and having a positive response from the United Agents Open Day (30th September), my YA/Midgrade/Teen book is now written.  It’s humorous, touching and has splashes of ghostly shennanigans, and at nearly 60,000 words it’s a pretty … Continue reading

Under Cover

There wasn’t much time.  In less than a half hour, some other Bobby would turn the corner and find his latest offering.  He had to look sharp.  He checked again down the cobbled street for signs of movement, of any activity at all, and was rewarded with none. And yet this half-angered him; that he … Continue reading

Very Exciting News!

Those of you who follow me on Instagram (because who doesn’t want to see virtually every meal I ever cook and/or eat, what our garden looks like from various angles and what position our cat is lying in today?) and Facebook will have seen the letter I posted which I received from the Yeovil Literary Prize folk telling … Continue reading

‘Ain’t What They Used To Be’

He watches them from behind the relative safety of the reinforced window in the subway as they slap each other on their chests using the backs of their hands, the gesture reminding him of aggressive and victorious gorillas he’s seen on documentaries on the television.  But these apes are wearing turned-around baseball caps, the back … Continue reading

Link to ‘Vee’: shortlisted short story in the Fresher Writing Prize 2016

I only just realised I haven’t uploaded any links to the short story I had shortlisted in the Fresher Writing Prize earlier this year. ‘WeAreOCA’, my college’s online magazine/blog featured my story a few weeks ago and after you’ve read the opening extract there’s a link right at the end which takes you to the full document. … Continue reading

A Sudden Downpour

It’s not going to happen, she tells her again. She’s lost count of the number of times recently that she’s had to repeat these assertions, reassurances to this woman, thirty years her senior who has spent her life telling her that she knows best.  Don’t ask why: she just does. This irritable woman’s insistence of knowing better … Continue reading

Short story: ‘The Search’

She’d thought he was delivering something the first time.  The outline of a figure behind the opaque panel of glass at the back door was dark, indistinct, and when she’d opened it – her mouth already forming the first syllable of Hello – he’d gone.  She’d checked the immediate vicinity; he might’ve been one of those … Continue reading


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