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Silver and Gold

One of the entries in my old school autograph book (remember those?) says: “Make new friends but keep the old; one is silver, the other, gold” and I’ve always pondered on the validity of this. It’s a great sentiment, of course, but how much weight does it carry? I’ve just deleted the whole blog post … Continue reading

The Crane Fly Holiday #memorymonday

I was probably 7 or 8 and my chubbly brother – perched on mother’s shoulders – a mere 4 or 5. We’re standing in the back garden of a holiday chalet home we’d rented out for a week in the summer – probably Hunstanton or Cromer – certainly nothing more exotic than either of those two places. The … Continue reading

A Black and White Summer

I’ve just changed the banner over the top of my Facebook page to this lovely, sunny picture which was taken probably circa.1965 (because my mother’s not in the photograph as she was almost certainly pregnant with the new ‘playmate’ she’d been casseroling for a good few months.  He’d be served up that October). Taken on Weymouth … Continue reading


It’s the Fresher Publishing Prizewinners Ceremony this Thursday evening (19th) and so me and the Hubs are wending our way down to sunny Bournemouth tomorrow for 2 days of sun and fun and clapping and ‘networking’ (zoikes).  I’m not excited, though, mainly because I’m an anxious traveller and I’d rather not go anywhere unless I … Continue reading

The Snow White Frieze #MemoryMonday

That look on my face I’d now describe as smug satisfaction; I’d managed to do something photo-worthy and felt chuffed to tiny  bits . Aged (I’m guessing by the school tie, which was Primary) about 7 or 8, I’d spent a good week or so sitting at the dining table in the living room carefully copying … Continue reading

Similar Smiles #MemoryMonday

When The Girl was home a while back, we were trawling through my parents’ old photo albums, looking for ‘proof’ that she has very similar features to her (late) grandmother, my own mother. Of course, The Girl only remembers a little of her grandmother and that was as a barrel-shaped irritable, white haired old lady (which’ll … Continue reading

‘Hungover’ #MemoryMonday

Instead of posting a photograph, today I thought I’d post a poem (wot) I wrote during the third part of the Art Of Poetry module I completed earlier last year (2015).  I’ve been chatting to another OCA student recently about this part of the course in an attempt at helping her, and revisited the poems (wot) … Continue reading

Taking a bath in the kitchen sink #memorymonday

No, I don’t look best pleased, do I?   Unless I was caught off-guard during one of my underwater recreational pursuits: usually involving an empty squeezy bottle and some plastic tubs with lids that never quite fitted, a couple of old flannels and the occasional duck (plastic). My brother and I were always bathed in … Continue reading

Men in Hats #MemoryMonday

There’s not a great deal for a bloke to do in a Bridal shop, so if you can get away with arsing about trying on hats with veils and asking the assistant if they’ve got silver diamante slingbacks in a size 10, then that’s what they’ll do. This couple of muppets were part of the … Continue reading

The last school pack-up #MemoryMonday

The fact that I even took a photograph of this must have meant I knew at the time how much I was going to miss making up my daughter’s packed lunch  for school every day. Maybe it’s not so much the preparation of the packed lunches that I miss but more the fact The Girl’s not here … Continue reading


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