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… and how does that make you feel?

I’ve just had my first Skype session with the counsellor I’ve been seeing for nearly three years.  Crikey – three years! Because now we’re not in the same geographical vicinity and there are nearly 130 miles between us, but we wanted to maintain the face-to-face momentum we’ve thus far ‘enjoyed’. And it was great.  It … Continue reading

You Are Now Entering The State of Limbo

  I’ve been here before but the landscape was slightly different back then.  There are photographs of the time before where The Girl is just 5 and she’s dressed as a shocking-pink My Little Pony character with her voluminous ‘tail’ created from petticoat/underskirt netting.  I didn’t fully comprehend at the time just how much living in … Continue reading

Noticing a Cry for Help

When I was 19, my best friend–who’d taken a year out before going to Uni–left our hometown and moved over an hour away.  I know that doesn’t sound like much of a distance but this was 1982, I’d already failed 2 driving tests and couldn’t afford to take another one, let alone buy a car … Continue reading


I’m not a fan of online personal ‘spilling’ but when it’s connected to Mental Health Issues then I can’t think of a better place to publicise the importance of sharing the extremes of this debilitating condition. Not content with knocking me flat generally, the black dog which has followed me around for most of my … Continue reading

Love, Simples

My mum and dad considered themselves animal lovers. In old black and white photographs there are pictures of a teenage Shirley either holding a black and white cat to her side, kneeling down beside a dog or – in one, beaming at a seaside photographer as a baby monkey clings for dear life to her black and white swimsuit. My … Continue reading

Book Reviews: ‘Wonder’ by R.J. Palacio, ‘The Tulip Touch’ by Anne Fine & ‘Lucky’ by Alice Sebold

As I’m currently studying ‘Writing for Children’ as part of Level 2 in my Creative Writing degree with the OCA, I’m reading and reviewing a lot more children’s books than I generally do.  Having said that, I used to read a TON of Young Adult books when my Girl was living at home, and so when … Continue reading

“Too Sensitive For Your Own Good” :/

I posted this on my Instagram feed this morning because I found it on a fellow student’s timeline and it resonated with me; the timing was pretty spot-on as well which also gave me a touch of the serendipitys.  I like to act on impulse and intuition if I’m in a brave (or half-asleep) state of … Continue reading

An Unforgettable Christmas

The year was 1968.  I was 6 and there was a doll at the top of every girl’s Christmas wish list to Father Christmas.  A Tiny Tears. That’s her on the left in the box looking so angelic and cherubic and real-life.  She drinks (water through a bottle which is squeezed into the hole in … Continue reading

New Puppy Blues

I’ve lived with a new puppy three times in my life.  The first one Janie, a Collie-Corgi cross I remember choosing from  the litter when I was about 7 – she looked so sad squashed in the corner of a box in whoever’s garage we went to pick her from; I’m a sucker for the cliched … Continue reading

The Crane Fly Holiday #memorymonday

I was probably 7 or 8 and my chubbly brother – perched on mother’s shoulders – a mere 4 or 5. We’re standing in the back garden of a holiday chalet home we’d rented out for a week in the summer – probably Hunstanton or Cromer – certainly nothing more exotic than either of those two places. The … Continue reading


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