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The Monsters Aren’t Under The Bed

He’s gone now.  But he’ll be back. There’s an odour under here which reminds me of something; of somewhere I’ve been, but I can’t recall precisely.  It’s a holiday smell – like a floral scent in a cleaning solution or sun-cream – something like that anyway.  And I can’t make sure by breathing in more … Continue reading

Pastures New

Sometimes only a poem will work for a picture.  Well, I hope it does  written in response to the Creative Writing Ink image prompt for 11th May, 2017

One of ‘those’ days…

You know the ones. where you’ve slept funny and wake up with an imprint of three fingers (at least it wasn’t two) on one cheek as though you’ve spent 7 hours with your face wedged between a not-quite-(thank goodness) pushed-all-the-way-down sandwich toaster… where you know the headache comes from having decided to start weaning yourself off … Continue reading

To Do

The blossom’s out now.  One branch of the cherry tree hangs in a wide arc across the kitchen window, obscuring part of the curving path which leads to the back gate. She can’t see the garden properly though – and not because of the cherry blossom.  She widens her eyes but doesn’t blink.  Something fat … Continue reading

Love, Simples

My mum and dad considered themselves animal lovers. In old black and white photographs there are pictures of a teenage Shirley either holding a black and white cat to her side, kneeling down beside a dog or – in one, beaming at a seaside photographer as a baby monkey clings for dear life to her black and white swimsuit. My … Continue reading

Now and Then

In five years’ time when he’s standing at the front of a church he’s never set foot in before, waiting for  the vicar to nod at the organ player to begin the opening bars of The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba, he will be thinking of her. But she won’t be the one about … Continue reading

‘Time Travelling with a Hamster’ by Ross Welford

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this. But wait.  I’m actually going to. This book – a purchase on a total whim because I saw it hovering at the top of the bestsellers charts in the children’s category on Amazon and  because I’m a complete sucker when it comes to anything time-travelly plus … Continue reading

‘Not Long’

He’d timed himself by doing three dry runs this week so knew it was possible. In ten minutes he’d be across the open plan office, down the five floors to reception (lift, not stairs, and he’d factored a 30 second wait), straight across the busy lunchtime main road (because walking 20 yards to the pedestrian … Continue reading

Book Reviews: ‘Wonder’ by R.J. Palacio, ‘The Tulip Touch’ by Anne Fine & ‘Lucky’ by Alice Sebold

As I’m currently studying ‘Writing for Children’ as part of Level 2 in my Creative Writing degree with the OCA, I’m reading and reviewing a lot more children’s books than I generally do.  Having said that, I used to read a TON of Young Adult books when my Girl was living at home, and so when … Continue reading


When he’d agreed to look after the shop for Rose he hadn’t quite known what to expect.  Okay, so he knew from the times he’d popped in to browse and/or have a mid-morning cuppa, that she had specific things arranged in different areas for ease of perusal.  For instance, there was an old tea chest … Continue reading


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