In a school essay of ‘What I did at the weekend’  at the age of 7, I transformed my local butcher father into a Policeman, my housewife mother into a star of stage and screen and our dense but adorable mongrel into a fierce German Shepherd who regularly savaged villagers.  Needless to say, I was sorely reprimanded for these ‘attention seeking ways’ (allowed in the Sixties) but now recognise this as the beginning of my Creative Writing career.

Since starting my Creative Writing BA(Hons) degree with the OCA, I have been submitting short stories and poems to various writing competitions and am thrilled that this year (2016) I came SECOND in the Yeovil Literary Prize with my short story ‘Comings and Goings’.  I’ve also been shortlisted three times : The Greenhouse Literary Agency/Faber & Faber Funny Prize 2015 – children’s book, The Hysteria Writing Prize 2015 – poem, and the Fresher Publishing Prize 2016 – short story.

I’ve also won the Creative Writing Ink (rolling) image prompt competition 9 times (I know; they’ll stop me entering soon) with short stories which appear on this blog: ‘Samflowers’ (blog post title: A 700 word story’) ‘Ain’t What They Used To Be’‘Now and Then’, ‘The Camel’s Back’, ‘Captured’, ‘The Monsters Aren’t Under The Bed’, ‘Freedom’, and ‘Mr Samuel’s Gift’.  ‘Recongitions like these serve to give me much-needed encouragement and validation – something I’m not very good at giving myself.

This blog is a mixture of book reviews (and I read  A LOT of books), snapshots from old family albums which I like to take and use as a kind of weekly (?) ‘writing prompt’ and other musings. I’m also going to blog more about my writing life because this is where my heart truly lies, and where I’d like to see my future.

If you want to read my backdated stuff it’s still here in the interweb anuls: www.chicklittings.blogspot.com

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