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‘Time Travelling with a Hamster’ by Ross Welford

I can’t tel20170319_141220.jpgl you how much I enjoyed this.

But wait.  I’m actually going to.

This book – a purchase on a total whim because I saw it hovering at the top of the bestsellers charts in the children’s category on Amazon and  because I’m a complete sucker when it comes to anything time-travelly plus it comes with added hamster  (whose name is Alan Shearer and for that alone it deserves 10/10) – was a revelation.

It made me smile, it gave my insides all kinds of squirms in good, bad, *eeek!* ways and at times I actually closed my eyes for fear of what I thought might happen, happening.

Al Chaudhury is a 12 year old kid who’s had to get used to his dad not being around for 2 years after he died suddenly due to a condition sustained from a freak accident when he himself was 12.  He’s also having to endure a step sister (the irresistible eye-rolling emo, Carly) and step-dad Steve and it’s clear he’s a good kid because he puts up with them so well – but you can tell his heart’s not really in it – he’s doing it for him mum’s sake.  Al is adorable and loveable and funny and good and kind.

He also has a brilliant grandad in the shape of Grandpa Byron who drinks Chai tea, rides a moped, has a long plait of hair down his back and can remember facts from every day of his life and before that.  He also wrote a book and so he’s now a bit of a hero of mine.

On Al’s 12th Birthday, his mum gives him a letter from his dad which he wrote just before he died, telling him about a secret project he’d been working on involving a time machine and a theory he has where Al might be able to go back to when his dad was 12 and prevent the accident happening, thereby saving his life in the future.

It’s a brilliantly simple premise.  It has gorgeous parallels with ‘Back to the Future’ – it’s got heart, humour, action, emotion and it left me feeling very happy indeed.  I knew even two chapters in that I was going to miss reading it when I’d finished it; it’s THAT good.

10/10.  One of those ‘I wish I’d written that/could write like that’ books.



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