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‘The End’

the-endI typed these words on my screen the other day.

After being shortlisted in the Greenhouse Funny Prize, 2015 and having a positive response from the United Agents Open Day (30th September), my YA/Midgrade/Teen book is now written.  It’s humorous, touching and has splashes of ghostly shennanigans, and at nearly 60,000 words it’s a pretty decent read and I can’t wait to open the document again and get editing before I’m 100% happy with it.

It’s been proofread and edited by my darling daughter up to the final 5-6  chapters and now it’s having a well-earned rest in the ‘Books’ folder on the C-Drive – I’ve heard it can be lovely there this time of year 😉  And we need this time apart.

Then there’ll be a few more weeks of tweaks and improvisation and improvement and additions before I’ll allow it to peek its delicate little head over the side of the nest where we’ve been holded up together for the past year or so, and then there’ll come the task of choosing my ‘top ten’ agents for submission.

And unlike the last time I subbed to literary agents (4 years ago), I think that this time  will be a lot less frenetic.  I am ready for the standard pingback ‘not for us’ and I’m ready for the ‘we’d like to read more’ and I’m ready for the ‘where are you based? your writing is like a breath of fresh air’ and I’m going to take them all with the pinches of salt I should have last time round.  I will not let rejections break me the way I allowed them to the last time and even if I do become embroiled in a mad to-ing and fro-ing of lovely e-mails from an interested party asking if I can change the ending/character/chapter/scene umpteen times before still getting a ‘actually not for us after all’, then I’m ready.  In fact I’m SO ready I’m almost sore with it (hmmm – maybe not one of my best analogies).

Watch this space (as ‘they’ say).


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2 thoughts on “‘The End’

  1. Sounds like you’ve got all the bases covered. Best of luck, Debs.x

    Liked by 1 person

    Posted by carole925 | October 10, 2016, 7:59 am

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