I’m Shortlisted!

The picture is of my ‘Opportunities’ folder which I started at the beginning of the year and holds details 20160423_150807.jpgof all the writing competitions (short story, novel and poetry) I am interested in entering this year.  I did the same last year and got some  lovely results: shortlisted in the Greenhouse Literary/Faber & Faber Funny Prize  for humorous children’s novel, and also shortlisted in the Hysteria Writing Competition with a poem called ‘Calling off The Wedding’ – which had formed part of my ‘Art of Poetry’ Module I completed last year with Open College of the Arts (BA(Hons) Creative Writing degree).

And I’m hugely and highly delighted (always nice to be alliterative about these things) to say that the people at Fresher Publishing have also deemed my short story entry ‘Vee’ worthy of sitting on their shortlist (winners announced on 19th May in Bournemouth, so if I ever needed an excuse to be beside the seaside, this surely is it).

Fresher shortlist

As part of the ‘rules of entry’ I know I can’t share the story online or anywhere else, so the image of my Opportunities folder, especially the page where I’d printed off the details of the competition and scribbled Sent ‘Vee’ 25/09/16 will have to suffice, I’m afraid.  And no, I was never this organised before I started with the OCA so not only do I have their invaluable tutelage to thank for aiding my successful entry, I’m also becoming quite hot with deadlines and suchforth too ;).

I can say that in writing ‘Vee’, I had the most fun I think I’ve ever had writing a short story and I’m incredibly fond of her even though she’s not the nicest of girls 😉 We all have issues and I’m afraid I blessed Vee with more than her fair share – and I love the dark humour of the story.

I fact I was so buoyed by the news that I spent the next 2 days writing another short and sent it off to the Bath Short Story Competition.  I can only dream that ‘Next Door’ has as much success as ‘Vee’ – I can’t keep my fingers crossed because I’ve already entered 2 competitions a month this year as it is, and I shan’t be able to type anything else!

Watch this space (as they used to say… do they still?  Who are ‘they’ anyway?)


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