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Let’s promenade with a nice cup of tea #memorymonday


This proper dapper couple are my Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother, Bertha  on my mother’s side of the family.

I’ve no idea where they are – Margate seems to feature in a lot of scribbles on the reverse of similar b/w pics and I can only guess at the date being shortly after the 2nd world war simply because they look so blinkin’ cheerful and not at all concened about over-flying doodlbugs. I mean I love my cup of tea but I’ve never walked around carrying a teacup and saucer before – a saucer! (saucer now looks like a completely alien word now I’ve typed it thrice).

I never met my Great Grandfather but I do remember my Great Grandmother.  We used to visit her on Sundays where she lived in caravan on the grounds of my great aunt and uncle’s house (she used to live in the house herself and I’ve no idea why it was decided she’d have her own space in the garden – maybe that’s where I get my ‘I want to be alone’ streak from) she was wiry and white of hair (another similarity in progress) and always looked elegant and kind but if my grandfather – her son, was anything to go by, then she might have had a bit of a mean streak – I remember it being mentioned. she looks nice enough here, but then as I’m discovering as I trawl through the annuls of my history, a lot of smiles are painted on purely when there’s a camera about.



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