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Book Review: ‘A Dark And Twisted Tide’ by Sharon Bolton

Although never my intention to get so involved with a character that I’d end up reading all of the books in a ‘series’, Sharon  Bolton is such a phenomenally skilled writer of taught, psychological thrillers that I have done just that.

I started my S J Bolton-fest back when I found ‘Awakening’ in a charity shop and became so engrossed in this chilling story that I was even reading it whilst cooking of an evening in a bid to find out what happened.  If you look up the word ‘unputdownable’ in my dictrionary, then Sharon’s name will appear right at the start of the definition. I lent one book (‘Blood Harvest’ I believe) to a colleague after I’d read it and months later when I asked if she still had it, she returned it to me sheepishly, telling me that she’d had to stop reading as it was scaring her too much. I’d say that was praise indeed.

I followed this by reading ‘Sacrifice’ and ‘Blood Harvest’ – not part of the detective Lacey Flint series, but stand-alone stories; stories equally chillling and gripping right to the conclusion.  I would HUGELY recommend these if you like to be afeared of what’s around the corner – none will disappoint.

The Lacey Flint series: ‘Now You See Me’, ‘Dead Scared’, ‘Like This For Ever’ and ‘A Dark and Twisted Tide’, are skilled, sophisticated (and yes, still chillingly portrayed) stories which centre DI Flint who also has a dark and twisted past of her own,  surrounded by repressed memories and living with ghosts she has a hard time coming to terms with. She’s a character you can’t help being on side with, as well as knowing you’d definitely want her on yours.

For me to get through nearly 600 pages in 4 days is a feat.  But my goodness, it’s a feat I’d repeat in a heartbeat (that’s the poet in me clamouring to get out).

9.5/10 Edge of seat stuff

p.s. Another Sharon Bolton standalone story is published this month called ‘Little Black Lies’ – there’s an extract here. I’m away to pre-order it right now 🙂


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