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Posing on Car Bonnets #MemoryMonday

img013All I can assume is that anybody (I also have a photo of my GBF doing precisely this, and The Girl has a recent one of her BF in much the same repose) who clambers up onto the bonnet of any roadworthy vehicle and poses for a photograph has probably grown up watching TV game shows where one of the star prizes has been a flashy car with a half-naked female stretched the length of it’s nose to add to its allure.

I have no idea what other reason could’ve made me alight upon my first ever car bonnet – a particularly lovely Vauxhaulll Chevette named Toby (after the male character from my favourite book at the time – ‘The L-Shaped Room’ by Lynne Reid Banks) and wait for my b/f of the time to climb what would appear a mound of sorts, judging by the angle of the shot, and click away at his 22ish year old girlfriend relaxing on a sheet of formed blue metal.  I do remember we’d been en route to stay at a working farm guesthouse somewhere in Devon and this had been one of our pit-stops.  Other than that I couldn’t tell you whether this is the A303 or the B439.

I remember the owner of the farmhouse had some very excitable dogs, all named similarly: Cashew, Filbert, Peanut and one – a lurcher – who leapt the five bar gate as we arrived and scared the living sh*t out of me.  Said owner was also offering “freshly baked cream teas” as part of her enterprise and as we arrived, she met us wearing elbow length gloves cheerfully holding out one in greeting and telling us she’d happilly get us some refreshments after she’d finished sorting out the septic tank.

Needless to say, we didn’t once eat a cream tea there, even though we had already paid for the breakfasts – during which we were daily surrounded by very keen muzzles.

The black and white shot is of my mother, taken outside my paternal grandparent’s house in Dorset and, from the search through the Priests’ Hole of unsorted photographs, I can tentatively assume this to be either shortly before or shortly after mum and dad got married – which was 1957 – so mum would have been  21/22 in this photo.   And it’s only just this second that I realise we were both doing exactly the same things as the same time in our lives, namely posing on a car bonnet waiting for our partners to take a picture of us.  That’s strange and yet quite heartening because mother and I were never close.  Perhaps I’ll discover a little more that we might have in common as the #MemoryMonday images surface.


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