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The Day After Yesterday

That’ll be today.

And I am happy to report that all feels unusually calm within.  I have had marital and feline snuggles (sometimes jointly), I have begun making notes to prepare for my Scriptwriting Assignment 3 Reflective Commentary and I have been heartened that yesterday’s blog post has been favourited by two lovely followers on Twitter.

When I was ‘active’ the last time – after excitedly signing up for the site and imagining all sorts of amazing contacts  I’d make, I remember how anxious it made me – the whole having to limit anything I warranted ‘interesting to say’ to 140 characters, and worrying that if I didn’t immediately get any kind of response, that it meant I was doing it all wrong, or else everybody thought I was a total loser. I also got that familiar ‘playground’ feeling whenever I wondered whether I could butt into a conversation and add my two penn’worth.  Often I didn’t. Much too stressful and the repercussions weren’t pretty.

But Twitter didn’t give me these insecurities.  These particular jelly-like feelings should be squarely laid at the doorstep of my parents’ parenting skills and for this I am receiving excellent counselling guidance.  In fact I’m learning something new about me every week.


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I read, I write, I tweet, I blog and I avoid housework whenever I can.


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