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I haven’t posted anything here of a personal nature for a-a-a-a-ges, I know, but I have been doing (sporadically, and really there is no other way I’m going to do anything, ever, period) what some people in the community I belong to–writers, students of writing, poets… those kind of people–‘freewriting’. Which means that you sit … Continue reading

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Life's Simple Pleasures in Pictures

Are you allowed to have a favourite bauble? Is it as bad as having a favourite child? Luckily I only have one (@grimsevers) so my favourite 2018 bauble goes to the gorgeous Poppy-shaped one which @mamachenandnola gave us today. Beautiful! #baubles #christmas #poppydog #christmastree #treedecorating
Since my last bout of what family and friends used to refer to my "joke plastic ear" affliction on the 3-4 other occasions I suffered from it, Google has been invented and it seems I have something (rare, only 1-2 per million sufferer from this autoimmune disorder) called 'relapsing polychondritis'. It starts, suddenly, overnight almost, as a swollen, hot, pulsating ear (the lobe isn't affected as there's no cartlidge present) and moves slowly across the cheek towards the nose (advancing on more cartlidge) until all that's left is a sore, bruise-like feeling on the skin which eventually fades. There's also accompanying flu-like symptoms: joint pain, fever, tenderness and persistent headache. I'm fortunate, it appears, that I've had this on average once every decade because other, more recurrent sufferers are left with no cartlidge in either ear or nose. There's no known cure and I thought I'd record it on IG for posterity. Or something. Anyway, as you were. #swollenear #polychondritis #relapsingpolychondritis #swollencheek #swollenface #autoimmunedisorder
I bloody love this picture that my darling daughter @grimsevers took of the new addition to our family, Poppy. She's everything we could have hoped for and more, and it's like she's always been here. We love her to bits and will make sure the rest of her life is so much better than her less than happy beginnings. #rescuedogsofinstagram #romanianrescue #mixedbreed #adoptdontshop
The closest I'm ever likely to get at lunching with Dave Beckham #goldenballs #lunch #vegan #shepherdspie #baubles #christmas #charityshoplife


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